Diamonds In The Rough Unveiled PART ONE


Left alone to raise four children following a bitter divorce, Balderes Alvarez' life careened on a path of self-destruction. Today she is a wife, the mother and step-mother of six adult children and eight grandchildren. She holds a Master's degree in Theology and is a preacher and teacher at her church. She also speaks at churches and other venues sharing with others both the tragic and wonderful details of their life's journey.


Remove the names and dates, and her story could be that of any woman who, when faced with rejection, abandonment and loneliness, is left with daunting choices to make. Balderes' choices led her to a dark life of addiction and neglect where she lost sight of the light of God piercing through. But thanks be to God, He did break through and brought about forgiveness, miraculous healing and complete deliverance. Balderes' biographical sketch offers women truths about the power of God to break through and unveil the diamond that each life can be,. Whatever the circumstances, however badly battered, no life is beyond the transforming power of our Divine Diamond Cutter. Every lost and suffering soul is a Diamond in the Rough. The question for the reader; are you ready to be Unveiled?

Diamonds In The Rough Unveiled


Mother of six children and grandmother to eight grandchildren. Balderes Lucila Aantos de Alvarez is a graduate with master's in theology and a woman with many wonderful and tragic life experiences. She took the time to put in writing thoughts that may be used as tools to help you succeed in a ever challenging world. Life- altering experiences have caused the author to approach everyday Living with a new perspective. Inspirational stories will encourage you to move throughout your challenge-driven world with hope and will lead you in shining out like a diamond in the Rough Unveiled

Diamante En Bruto Revelado



La escritura Bíblica en Efesios 2:1-10 es un resumen de mi historia. Aunque
me levantaba cada día con aliento en mis pulmones y con mi corazón latiendo y me
levantaba con pensamientos en mi mente, con vista en mis ojos, con voz en mi boca y con
la mayor parte de mi cuerpo funcionando normalmente; aun vivía como si estuviera
muerta. Diariamente hacia malas decisiones que llevaban consigo graves consecuencias.
Contamine mi cuerpo con influencias ajenas y participe de malas conductas. Solo
cuando estaba rodeada de amistades y actividades podía funcionar bien; una vez que
me encontraba a solas en presencia de mis pensamientos me sentía morir. Realmente
no tenía vida. Las infl uencias ajenas no eran sufi ciente; mi querido esposo no bastaba;
mis hijos no podían llenar mi vacío; mis amigos no saciaban me necesidad; Estaba sola
y moribunda. Si no hubiese sido por el gran amor de Dios hubiera perecido. Dios me
ha dado vida con Cristo para Él poder mostrar en mí la incomparable riqueza de Su
gracia. Él me ha dado la vida; vida para hacer buenas obras para que otros puedan
encontrar solución y salvación. Por eso escribo esto para ti.

Reader's Comments:

From: Kelly
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 12:24 PM
To: Balderes Alvarez
Subject: Your Book


I just finished your book.  It spoke to me in some weird way that I'm certain other people have tried to.

I've always felt like I didn't deserve Gods love, like I've messed up so many times in my past that I don't deserve his forgiveness.  I had a life with a lot of the things you speak about--starting with growing up in Madrid etc., and being introduced at 16 to so much that I probably didn't handle it all well.  I truly feel like I'm a good person somewhere deep inside, but at the same time I have wondered if I have a demon inside of me that rules over that good person that's in there hiding somewhere.  

When I told you that God was mad it me, it's kind of like your cloud story, but in reverse.  Because, I will sin or do something that I know is against God, and sure enough something negative happens to me.  I want to experience the happiness that you have, but I've tried so many times and it never works out.  I've tried going to church, and reading the bible, but the problem is, we didn't go to church growing up, and honestly I don't even know where to start reading the bible at.  I always get bogged down in the beginning with all the begats and such.

Your story does give me hope though...and tears.  I think I cried four times.  Not because it was tragic or sad, but because you say so much in there that describes exactly how I feel a lot of the time:

"How could I possibly forgive myself for all the wrong I have done?  The bible had an answer for that.  How could God forgive me?  How would God forgive me for all the ill I've caused?  The bible has an answer for that.  How could I pick up the pieces?..."

I don't know from your book, but did you ever feel like you've had to pick up the pieces so many times that it gets to the point like you feel like "why even bother anymore?"  

The thing you don't know about Josee is, she despises drinking, as does my mother.  So, in our previous...iteration...drinking was the sole reason we broke up, and thus the reason I eventually went to jail for leaving Christmas presents on her doorstep etc.  

You don't get very specific in the book, but I think that you, like me, probably haven't done that much true "evil" in your life.  Like me.  I don't think I've ever done anything truly evil, but I've done enough sinning for...well, probably for our entire team here at work for example.  Josee is the only thing I've ever been with that I didn't cheat on.  When I was seven, my divorced my Dad and married my step father who treated me like I was a sissy, so later on in my life I think I acted out in certain ways to prove to my sub conscience that I was a man--I had to see a psychiatrist when I was seventeen because I was fighting every day.  And I have always equated being with a lot of women with being a better, more manly person.  So I have caused plenty of hurt, and plenty of heartache with my own mother whom I love dearly.

Ugh...I didn't mean to write all of this stuff, I just wanted to tell you that your book meant a lot to me and I'm going to act on the feelings I have here, today.  I'm going to try to start turning things around in my life, starting with getting closer to God.  It may be a struggle, and it may take a little while, but your book had the effect you intended when you wrote it.  It has given me hope.


Thank you.


Kind regards,


Kelly Scott