Balderes (Lucy) Alvarez


I was born in a Christian home to a Christian family.  My parents were ministers and devout Christians. For the most part I believed everything I was taught and would not sway in any direction outside of what my parents and grandparents held as truth.

In my teenage years I questioned the validity of my faith but out of fear quickly returned to my roots and followed the ways of my upbringing.

As an adult I routinely followed Christianity as it was the only circled I moved in. I followed a set of guidelines that I knew were truth, but I followed only because that’s all I knew. It was a safe place; I didn’t know anything else… I did not have a genuine, first hand conviction of what I believed. That’s why it was so easy for me to break the rules and do things that were harmful to myself and others and still continue to consider myself a “Christian.”

A time of insurmountable pain and sorrow reached my life and again the questions about my faith started to form in my mind.

Why do I follow this God? Who is this God? Am I really talking to God or just the air? Where is He and why is He so silent? Is this real? Is this really His name? Do I even know if what I believe is true? No one ever died, went to heaven and came back to prove this stuff is true. Why my ‘religion’ and not the next?

I didn’t search for truth I looked to find the right ‘religion’. I queried into other religions. I looked into other people’s experiences. I remained neutral for a very long time. I didn’t want to follow ‘dogma’ I wanted to experience truth. I came to many dead ends and found no real answers.

Until that season when I was at the edge of the cliff with nowhere to go but to final destruction, I cried out to Jesus and He heard me. Internally and audibly I spoke to God. I prayed, in Jesus’ name and almost instantly my life began to turn around. I was kneeling at the altar of an unfamiliar non-denominational church and was surrounded by unfamiliar faces; my best friend was watching from the back of the church as I cried. I understood at that moment that this was a spiritual encounter with God and that I had to experience it alone.

Quietly and alone I began my journey with Christ. I spent time with Him in my spirit while in meditation. I spoke to Him all day long in my heart. I read the Holy Scripture and listened for His direct message to me…and I fell in love with Him.  Not with Christianity or religion, but with God, the Lord Jesus.

I stopped looking for religion and started looking for Truth; lo and behold I found Jesus.

Luz Alvarez was ordained a minister July of 2015. She has Masters in Theology, a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry and Bachelor of Science in Business.  Luz is the mother of four children and two step children. She has ten grandchildren and a wonderful husband who supports her in God’s calling for her life. Luz has dedicated her life and time to ministering to women of all walks of life. She is an active member of La Dolce Vita, a women’s group that ministers to others; the Salvation Army Home League and is an active member of All Souls Crossroad Church under the leadership of Pastor Porfirio Thomas. Recently, Luz has begun a long time commitment to Lori’s House a home for women recovering from addictions.  Luz calls Florida her home as she has lived there for over twenty years but she loves to travel; outside of the United States she has been to places like Spain, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Bermuda, Guatemala, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Canada and most recently she traveled to China. Her desire is to travel around the world and experience other cultures and meet women of all walks of life. Luz has been called to minister to women. Her passion is to bring good news to women without hope and to present a real and living God, Jesus Christ.



Charlie Evans

My name is Charlene "Charlie" Evans. I have been in the financial industry for over 20 years. I have two sons one of which has blessed me with beautiful grandkids.  I am a growing and faithful believer in Jesus Christ. I started participating with Diamonds Unveiled because I wanted the opportunity to grow as a Christian as well help other women with their walk with Christ. 

Jessica Davis

Jessica is a mother of two beautiful girls. She has been happily married for 7 years. In her younger years Jessica experienced many challenging days and was exposed to serious corruption which caused her to hold on to much sorrow and pain. Her life turned around as she surrendered herself entirely to Christ.  She is a member of Diamond Unveiled and hopes to be used by God to reach women seeking peace and joy in their lives. 

Michelle Kevorkian

Michelle Kevorkian has been a Diamond board member since 2014. She has been led to be a part of this board because she was called, by the Lord to minister to women in 2008, so when Lucy asked her to serve on the board she knew it was a ministry that the Lord would use her to minister to women. Michelle was raised in a Christian home and was baptized at the age of 14 and played around in the church and went back into the world soon. It was not until the Lord sent a stranger to invite her to her church in 2007, that she reentered into the church, the Lord got a hold of her and then she began to study the word and hear from the Lord. I have been teaching a women’s Bible Study for 4 years and I continue to seek the Lord for His guidance for opportunities to help women of all walks of life. Her desire is to show women how to find their identity in Christ and how that the Lord can bring them out of their troubles and turn them from broken to beautiful!


Melody Gomez

Melody is a happily married mother of 4 children and 8 Step Children.  Three of them with learning disabilities such as ADHD and Autism. She is currently full time mother. She gave her life to Christ 10/27/1997 since then she has been committed to helping others find their way to Christ. She has worked as Director of Community Services and Ministries for The Salvation Army. She also worked as a case manager for the Child Abuse Council and Success for kids and Families for the Healthy Start Program.  She is also very dedicated to reaching lost women and young women and leading towards the love and forgiveness of Christ.

Loni Chappell

Loni, born as a twin, experienced hardship in her young life. After a series of events and death of her fiancé she committed her life to Christ and has never been the same since. Loni lives a quiet, peaceful and adventurous life. She is a devout Disney World fan. Diamonds unveiled has challenged her to step out of box and lead ladies into ministry, arts, crafts and prayer. She is a strong supporter of the ministry.


Priscilla Charite

Priscilla was called as an early child to minister in music. She is an excellent singer and performer. She has a calling for reaching out to less fortunate than she. While she became pregnant at a very young age she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and years later happily married and was gifted with a son. She is now the owner and founder of a huge fortune 500 company, Destiny & Light. She works diligently and is an expert in her field. However, her passion is to minister to people in all walks of life with her song.

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Lillian Melendez

Lillian aka Lily is a woman of God who serves in worship in her church. She was raised by a Christian family and although she faced many child challenges she found Christ and has totally committed to walk in faith. She is an excellent singer, very artistic, a loving wife, mother, sister, and friend. Lily has been a great asset to diamonds unveiled